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to the Cinnamon Fawn Fanciers site.

We are a group of like minded people, dedicated to breeding and promoting Cinnamon cats.

Here you will find cinnamon breeders listed, cinnamon and fawn kittens available, males at limited or open stud, and much more.

If you are a fellow breeder/exhibitioner of Cinnamon or Fawn cats (any breed), or a cinnamon/fawn pet owner, why not come along and join the Cinnamon and Fawn Fanciers mailing group.

Oversea breeders/exhibitioners/owners most welcome.

To subscribe to this friendly informative group, send an email to

cinnamon fawn fanciers @ yahoo

To enter our site click on the above picture.

Wonderful news, from 1st June 2009, Cinnamon Point Siamese can be shown at Championship level, at GCCF shows.

At the GCCF Council meeting October 2008, Cinnamon Point Siamese were promoted to Championship level.

Explanation of Cinnamon and dilution gene

Cinnamon Fawn Colour Chart

Havana & Oriental Lilac Cat Club - Havana and Oriental Lilac only
Oriental Cat Association - all Oriental Shorthair
Short Haired Cat Society - Havana, Oriental Lilac, Oriental Black, Oriental Blue, Oriental Tortie, Oriental Spotted Tabby, Oriental Classic Tabby

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