Cinnamon Kittens, Cinnamon Cats

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cinnamon kittens

photo: Jane Haggar - Solarus Orientals

cinnamon tortie queen with her kittens

cinnamon tortie queen with her litter, all carrying cinnamon

cinnamon tortie queen

cinnamon tortie female

Allibear Orientals and Siamese

Siamese and Oriental Cinnamon and Fawn kittens available.

For further details telephone Dee Hacking 01752896508ENGLAND

Solarus Orientals

For further details please contact

Badsworth BSH, Oriental, Siamese and Cornish Rex

If you are interested in future litters, please contact our breeders.

Clubs, Organistions covering Cinnamon and Fawn cats of any breed, who would like a listing on this page, please send details to