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cinnamon Orientals, Cinnamon Point Siamese


Cinnamon Fawn Fanciers

Below members who are interested in Exporting Cinnamon Cats

Cinnamon and Fawn Breeders, - who are interested in Exporting Cats

Defra- information on Pet Passports - Airtravel for pets etc.


Oriental Cinnamon and Fawn Group - UK
Cat Fanciers Association - USA
Ardeleana's Cattery


Web site, comprising of an Online Comprehensive Pedigree data base, plus a personal website with photos of Cinnamon Cats

Ardeleana Cattery

Pets Health

The recommended levels for Phosphoros fed to to an adult cat is 3-8%, and for kittens and pregnant/nursing queens 8-14%. All percentages are on a dry matter basis.

Analysis of ingredient in dried and tinned food - well worth reading

Feline Advisory Bureau "The Feline Advisory Bureau is a charity dedicated to the health and welfare of cats. The Bureau was founded in 1958 when knowledge of the cat and its veterinary care was in its infancy. By gathering information and funding Veterinary surgeons to specialise in the care of cats, F.A.B. had a major influence on improvements in Veterinary care".

Clubs, Organistions covering Cinnamon and Fawn cats, of any breed,
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