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cinnamon self female

Ch. Trelgandorf Grainofsand
Owner: Sarah Johnson, photo: Robert Fox

Best in Show Oriental Wyvern 2006. GCCF UK.

Tenere'Siamese and Orientals
Beautiful Cinnamon Bi-colours

Klaus Butz, Frankfurt, Germany.

Ch. Trelgandorf Grainofsand, Cinnamon self female



MyskancokatzOriental, Siamese, Cornish Rex.   
Carole Gwyther

Cinnamon Tortie with kittens, Myskancokatz

Myskancokatz, Cinnamon Tortie with kittens

Mykanco, Cinnamon Tortie, with her black and cinnamon kitten

Ade of Just OriameseAriella of Just OriameseCaleb des Petite Bavardes of Just Oriamese
Cinnamon Tabby girlFawn Point boy

cinnamon self male male cinnamon sef cinnamon self male

Bajimbi Truly Scrumptious


Work in progress

Colour Table for Cinnamon and Fawn

Link to a list of Cinnamon and Fawn Breeders,
who are interested in Importing and Exporting Cats