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A warm welcome to the Cinnamon and Fawn Cat Breeders Page.

Below are listed breeders, of Cinnamon Orientals and Cinnamon Point Siamese and kittens.  Our breeders are from many different countries, and we hope you visit and enjoy their web sites..


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cinnamon cat breeder America


cinnamon cat breeder America


cinnamon kitten breeder

Lisa McNeil - Siamese and Oriental, AUSTRALIA

Australian Cinnamon kitten breeder

Renee Bourke - AUSTRALIA

Canadian Oriental cat breeder


Monick - Oriental, Siamese, CANADA

Canadian Oriental cat breeder


Siamese, CANADA


Cinnamon Oriental, Siamese, Burmese ENGLAND, UK


Myskanco - Cinnamon Oriental, Cinnamon Point Siamese, Cornish Rex, ENGLAND, UK

Jane Haggar - Breeder of Cinnamon Fawn, ENGLAND, UK

Petra E Lerch, GERMANY

Cinnamon breeders, Holland

Maaike, Fearbhail Cattery, HOLLAND.

Jordie en Joke - HOLLAND

Gail Beukes - South Africa

History of the Cinnamon Gene

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