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Importing/Exporting Cinnamon Cats


Listed below you will find Oriental and Siamese Cinnamon Breeders, who are interested in exporting their Oriental and Siamese Cinnamon Cats and Cinnamon carriers.

Please contact ours members direct to find out what cinnamon kittens are available.

To access their web sites, please click on their banner.




Oriental and Siamese Cinnamon Breeders

Amatsukami Cattery - NETHERLANDS

En Tenere Cattery - Klaus Butz - Frankfurt am Main

Petra E Lerch - GERMANY

Ardeleana's Cattery, NETHERLANDS

Virginia Hanke - USA

Sinergia Catteries - located in Danvers Massachusetts

Mary Condon - USA

Solarus Orientals - ENGLAND

Any member of Cinnamonfawnfanciers, who would like their Cattery to be included on this list, please send a banner (if possible) and cattery details to:

A link back to is all we require.

Links of interest to breeders/pet owners, importing/exporting.

DEFRA - pet passports

Experts in Air Travel for pets

Website: Airpets Oceanic - Heathrow


Tel: +44 (0) 1753 685571







Colour Table for Cinnamon and Fawn

A list of Cinnamon and Fawn Breeders, who are interested in Importing and Exporting Cats